Are Intel SSDs....


Aug 29, 2001
Shitting the bed lately?

I had a Intel 160GB SSD for a while with no issues...over the summer, I added a 250GB SSD to use as my primary drive and then after I upgraded to Windows 8 at the end of last month...the drive started acting flaky...couldn't copy info it it I ran the Intel Drive Toolbox on it, and it came back with a read error and to contact tech support..I got the new drive a few weeks back...copied my data back over and it was working fine. Anyways...I decide to copy over about 11GB of data from my main drive to it tonight...then it gets hung up half way then I completely lose the drive in Windows Explorer!

I reboot the computer, and its not showing up in Window Explorer, I head over to drive tools and its only picking up a 8MB drive now (!) and after running the Drive Tools from Intel, I'm getting a Drive health error...guess I need to contact tech support again...

Anyways, Anyone else running into issues with Intel SSD's as of late?


Jan 23, 2012
Intel drives always rank very highly in terms of reliability.

Not always. The Intel 320 series had the 8MB bug.

If I remember my history (this is off the top of my head, please correct any wrong years below):

2008 G1 X25-M
2009 G2 X25-M
2010 G? 510
2011 G3 320
2012 G4 520, 330

I think Intel's reliability peaked in 2009-2010 with the G2 X25-M and the 510. Things went downhill in 2011 with the 320 and 8MB bug, and perhaps recovered slightly in 2012 with the Sandforce models, but even after Intel spent about 1 year troubleshooting Sandforce's bugs, there have been reports of some issues with Intel's Sandforce SSDs, although not as many issues as with non-Intel Sandforce SSDs.

For the past couple years, Plextor has definitely been ahead of Intel for quality, and I think Samsung is also ahead of Intel prior to the 840 Pro (the jury is still out on the 840 Pro, but it looks like the retail shipping versions of the 840 Pro are not failing like the pre-release units).