Aorus Master Z390 + Win 11 = ???


Dec 2, 2009
So one of my co-workers asked me for computer help this morning. I haven't built / ran an Intel build in years so didn't really have any idea what to do.

He currently has an Aorus Z390 (I think with a 9900k, but not sure) and tried to install Win11. Then basically everything went sideways. He said he "turned on" Secure Platform and now it powers on (lights / fans) but refuses to boot at all. No / zippo output on screen.

This was an upgrade from Win10 - not a fresh install, which I told him might be related but I don't know enough about Intel Secure Platform so - that was just a guess.

The only thing I remember hearing about was TPM.

TLDR: A coworker tried to upgrade to W11 on an existing W10 Aorus Master Z390 build and it crapped the bed. Now it turns on (fans/lights) but nothing on screen.

Any thoughts my dudes?