Aorus gaming 7 BIOS keep resetting...


Limp Gawd
Oct 28, 2007
So I'm trying to help out a friend. He's running a 9700K with an Aorus Z370 gaming 7 and his BIOS keep resetting.

Even with 2 different new batteries installed (each bought from different places) ON default settings it will "hard power-on" (kinda like the first time it boots after a bios flash) then when it finally boots the bios screen boots up with this message " Clear Cmos information BIOS has been reset. Please re-config your BIOS setup items if needed." Once you get past that screen everything is fine you can reboot the system and and it powers on fine. You can shut down and power on an hour later and everything is fine.. but start it up the next morning and that BIOS reset message is back...

I've installed new battery/updated to latest bios same problem. Any thoughts?