Anyone out there know what I’d need to run Destiny 2 @ a solid 144 frames?

Jul 24, 2020
Looking to build a PC to play and livestream Destiny 2. Just wondering where I should put my bottom line when it comes to a graphics card. I don’t want to have to have to upgrade it when I get a 144hz monitor, but I don’t think I’ll be playing at 4K or even anything higher than maybe 1440p. I’m going with a Ryzen CPU, if that impacts which video card I should choose.
Streaming is its own stack of considerations.

ideally you play and stream at the same resolution.
That’s 1080p for most non partnered people, and most people will step down to 900p bc mobile viewers have an easier time + smoother stream.
Ideally you use nvenc to stream so you don’t eat your cpu

High refresh gaming kinda defeats the 60fps output, there are pro streamers playing locked 60fps and 100fps bc of encoding overhead.

Id stick with an Intel+nvidia build for this.
Nvidia for streaming for sure. 2070 super at a minimum to keep the stream smooth.
google shows that a 1080ti could do 1080p/144. so i agree witht the 2070s or higher and then an AMD cpu.
Definitely use the NVenc encoder in the OBS menu and set your bitrate to 6kbps and a capture resolution of 1080p. I'd highly suggest a RTX2k series card as they have a really good encoder for streaming that takes a huge burden off your system. FOr 1080p 60 while streaming I would recommend nothing less than a RTX 2060 Super to keep the gameplay and stream smooth. You aren't going to be turning up all the bells and whistles while streaming since a lot of quality is going to be lost in the compression and furthermore most people don't play with maxed settings for competitive reasons. Almost everyone turns shadows to the lowest setting for instance along with a lot of other adjustments to make it easier to spot targets to shoot at.
AMD is a better choice for streaming over Intel right now... so kudos there.
AMD has new CPU & GPU coming out just around the corner .. and Nvidia's 3000 series GPU are going to be a beast.