Anyone familiar with this Cooler Master Case?


Jun 5, 2004
I was just browsing around on ebay and stumbled across this case--> It looks like it was built around the "dragon" chasis. Anyone had this case or familiar with it? I saw it a while back on a site, but they had quit selling them. I guess all the cases with the "ATC" label are discontinued? I really like the looks of the case, and I thought about buying it for a file server I'm getting ready to build. I'm wondering what the air flow is like. What do you all think?
yeah its based on that same generic chassis that like 85% of all other cases are built on, good case design just heavy steel and it looks like it weights a ton. they probably dont even make the case except for the front panel perhaps, just buy it and slap their name on it.

I used the antec version for a year or two and loved it, it was just too big for my uses, good size for a file server though, and has 2 intake and 2 outtake, great airflow