Anyone do this?


Jun 20, 2020
My PC is set up in a room that backs onto the garage, the garage is secure, as secure as the house, it's very very cold in there during winter and cooler than the house on the hottest summer days, so I was thinking about drilling a hole through the walls and setting my PC up in there, running cables through some tubing to my desk.

pc through wall.png

Potential benefits
*Space saving
*Noise reduction x 100% (FT02 which runs quiet as a mouse in the winter but can be noisy during the hotter months)
*Even lower temps (may be able to push the OC further)

Potential drawbacks
Can't think of any except maybe having to go into the freezing cold garage in the winter to do maintenance, although I could easily just bring it into the house so even that's not really an issue, and of course I love my PC and especially the case, but honestly I don't really look at it that often, and I bought the case more for how well it performs than for its (in my eyes) stunning looks.

Would be very interested to hear what you think about it, particularly anyone who has or has had a similar set up.


Jun 21, 2016
I don't think you would see much of a benefit in overclocking.

Garage can be abit more dusty.

Other then that go for it if ya want


Apr 15, 2020
I do a similar thing, but I run my computer through the wall of my office into my bedroom.

I have a full setup, including aluminum mouse pad and a nice TKL keyboard, as well as a ton of DEDICATED USB ports.
I'm using the Dark Hero motherboard, so I've got loads of USB slots, and I route a bunch of them through the wall, so I don't even need a hub.

But on this side of the wall, the office side, I've got a standing terminal desk. It's INCREDIBLY convenient, because all I have to do is win+P a few times, and I can make any display the main one.
Win+P even changes the primary speaker as well, so the entire experience is as if I had two computers. Sorta.

My true desire is to be able to log into two separate instances of Windows at the same time, with some sort of mini-PIP portal between them.
That'd be cool. Still, as it is isn't bad either.

Either way, this allows me to open up the windows on a freezing cold day, and chill the office to insanely low Northern temps.
Ambient GPU and CPU temps can drop to sub 10 C like this, while I stay warm and cozy in the bed.

This is true technological enthusiasm.


[H]ipster Replacement
Sep 29, 2001
I have my PC in the garage, but I also put a desk in there too.

It was getting chilly in here too with an un-insulated garage door.

and hot,
98 degrees.jpg

I did put foam panels onto the garage door and that really helped stabilizing the temps.
Apr 16, 2018
I don't think you would see much of a benefit in overclocking.

Garage can be abit more dusty.

Other then that go for it if ya want
Your joking right? This is essentially what ocers have been doing for ages to see what kind of maximum clocks they can hit during the coldest months of the year. People have been putting their cases or rads outside their windows for as long as ocing has been a thing. The op is taking it a step above by taking advantage of the cold environment but avoiding the snow and ice.

The biggest problem with running your rig in a cold garage is if it ever goes below freezing out there. Condensation will become a big problem very quickly. You will have to take precautions to protect your components from getting wet. If it never goes below freezing your golden. Do it up and enjoy the extra clocks.