Any recent modern radiator round ups?


Fully [H]
Jun 20, 2000
I need to replace two old Swifty radiators that had their cores punctured over this past year, and wondering if there has been any recent look at what's on the market. Going with dual 240's again. It used to be you had high low density fin counts and now things seem to be in various thickness, but wondering if it really amounts to much of a change. Or if I would be fine ordering two new Swiftech units and calling it good
Feb 6, 2013
I look for one weekly. This is the most recent radiator roundup that actually has data. I believe it gets updated from time to time.
Also if you just search for a particular radiator review techpowerup has a few that also include other brand comparisons like this one for the last new HWLabs release
Not a great deal has changed in the last few years, HWLabs gtx is still the benchmark, with HWlabs gts ultra the best bang for buck in terms of performance.
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