Any good vive controller charging dock


Limp Gawd
Jan 16, 2015
Is there any good vive controller charging dock?

I have seen these below but not sure if they are good

Let me know if tryed any of these and if they are good but if you know of any better ones please post them
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those look interesting. I have been looking for something like that but 100.00 is a bit much for wood and 90.00 for a stand dont know go down to good will and you might find something just like that ie old manaquin? ouch sorry spelling.... and can get those for 1.00-3.00. dont think worth 90.00

but they are a good way to keep things organized.

Right now lm just using the original box. the head gear is protected and I guess thats the main idea.
Original box doesn't work as well once you upgrade to the deluxe audio strap. I mean it works, but just not as simply.