Any electrical engineers out there familiar with the PCI-E 3.0 Specs??


Feb 11, 2004

Sometimes my PCI-E Plextor NVME drive upon a reboot does not successfully renegotiate a 8 GT/S link and rather connects at 2.5 GT/S (4X lanes though all the way according to HWInfo and LSPCI). This has been made a little bit more complicated in that I'm running a bifurcated port enabling address 0x190 in the 00:01:00 device. What happens is sometimes after the machine has been shut down (but still powered) upon a reboot the link speed will trip. Running SetPCI commands I can at best get it up to 5.0 GT/s. LSPCI reports when this happens that the last two equalization phases 2 +3 not complete. I read that enabling 'Extended Sync' or 'Enhanced Equalization' may iron out these issues. Some people have reported online that extending the 'Training Timeout' microsecond value has also helped similar issues but could not find the timeout value in my bios. So before I get too crazy changing emphasis values and such if anyone has experience in this please reply.

Thank you


MSI Godlike X99A + 6850K CPU