Any 29" ultrawide recommendations?

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    May 9, 2009
    I've been using a Samsung KU6290 40" 4K TV as my monitor for the past couple years. It's nice for work and I can force-res 2560x1080 to play games at ultrawide aspect ratio. The only problem is, there's a bunch of games I really like (Tomb Raider, Assassin's Cred) that flat out refuse to display the forced-res correctly, instead appearing stretched.

    My ultimate goal is upgrading to a 34" ultrawide that's DCI-P3 90% (DisplayHDR 600), but I don't want a 34" right now since a) there's no DisplayHDR600 options (at least not sub-$700 ones) and b) I don't have space for a 34" and the old 22" screen I'm currently using as a calendar/agenda display. 32" 4K monitors are also out since they would give me the same stretched-games problem as the TV.

    So, I'm considering cheap 29" 2560x1080 ultrawides to hold me over until that eventual sub-700 DisplayHDR600 34" ultrawide (which could take a couple years, seeing current prices). I've been looking at the 29WK600, but it seems dumb to pay for "HDR" support when the panel can't display it. The 29WK500 is the same panel for less money without "HDR" (and likely to hit $200 by Black Friday). I've considered older options, like the 29UM58/59/60/61 but the pricing isn't any better and judging from youtube videos like this, the new panels seem to have much better contrast and black levels.

    Any recommendations or opinions? Thanks in advance.
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