Anthem Closed Alpha Sign-Ups Begin


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Aug 20, 2006
Anthem won’t release until February 22, but EA is giving BioWare fans a chance to check out the sci-fi action shooter early with a closed alpha December 8-9, 2018: sign-ups are ongoing at the publisher’s Community Playtesting program site and will continue until end of day tomorrow (December 3, 2018). At least 60 GB of free space is required.

If you don't get in, this won't mark your only chance to try the game before launch. EA and BioWare have plans to offer an Anthem demo next year, and EA/Origin Access members will presumably get their usual limited early access to the game as well. Its full release is set for February 22.
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Signed up for this yesterday, hoping my friends make it in too. Feel free to pm me if you get in on pc, if you wanna party up (if that's even available in the test). The more I looked at gameplay clips the more it just seemed like a better done mass effect Andromeda.

I think the minimum requirements for pc were like gtx 970 class gpu fyi and something around sandybridge for a cpu.
More micro transaction funded bullshit from EA.

I got the email too. Just filled it out a few minutes ago. Hell I'll try it for free. Better than pre-ordering and getting disappointed.

There are a couple of play through videos on YouTube which look nice but they don't show too much non-combat gameplay so still kinda up in the air for me.
I bought the premier pass with BFV, so I will be playing this regardless. I got in the alpha and figured I would kill a few hours of my weekend.
Was looking forward to this game but... looks so much like Destiny...disappointing.
Sign up started Thursday and immediately crashed the servers. Initially in the FAQs they made it sound like it was gonna be a very limited thing with only a small number of slots available. But now they've been taking applicants for days, so I assume they've decided to make it a much bigger pool. Who knows. Have high hopes but EA might pull an EA.
I got this game for a discount when Amazon had their $ off for being a prime member. IF I didn't already have it paid for I would not have bothered.
Damn, how do I also get an unreleased game on Amazon?

Sorry, lack of sleep made english be fail.

I preordered this game on Amazon when Amazon Prime offered a discount. If I had to pay full amount for this game I would wait for a discount before I would buy it.
Played a little. Don't know how much I can really say, I'll leave it at enjoyable.
Played it today. It looks promising, but we'll see. A little concerned the game releases early February...