Another Overlord Tempest OC mini-review


Jan 3, 2006

I received my Tempest OC yesterday. I'm in Ontario, Canada. This is how it went down

Left california - Dec. 11th
Border Crossing - Dec. 15th
In my hands - Dec. 18th

Screen $459.99 USD
Shipping Cost: $87.89 USD
Taxes + Brokerage: $68.75 CAD

I had no issues unboxing. Good packaging (as can be seen in pictures posted by others).

Connecting the monoprice 24AWG DVI cable was not a pleasant experience, the display stand is too short for the cable. Having it connected applies alot of stress to the DVI connector on the LCD. I ran it for a while with it, but decided to be prudent and switched to a tiny DVI cable for now (I can still run at 120hz no issues).

I started this thread mainly to add some solid color fill pictures I took. Basically I wanted to show some yellow tinting I get. But it doesn't show up on the pictures lol...

The following pictures all have the SAME camera exposure and the same White Balance. The black screen is pretty much what I see (including the stuck pixel)

As for blacklight bleed, I can honestly say I can't notice any at all in normal viewing. I've overexposed the following picture like crazy + exposed it even more in lightroom, just to try and see where it does bleed. (I have absolutely NO idea what that faint crosshair is! at first I tought it was a reflection of something in the camera... but my viewfinder does not have anything remotely resembling that crosshair. The black pattern is me in Paint that created a png with black color only...)

My quality check inspection sheet said I have 1 dead / 1 stuck pixel. I have not been able to find the dead pixel. I have found the stuck. It's a green. I took the following pictures because I wanted to see if I could guesstimate its brightness level.

What happens is on a black background I can see it pop out. But as soon as I go a bit grey (i'm guessing 20% black) it blends in. It's almost like the pixel can only scale from like 40-255 instead of 0-255. I'm pretty happy with this.






Animated GIF


Getting 120hz took me almost 2 full minutes. Thanks to toastyx's tools this was super easy. I took some timings from this forum, created 60, 96, 100 and 119.880hz entries. 1 reboot, and it all worked.


This is my first LCD with no OSD/Scaler and I'm impressed by the resolution change speed. Takes less than 1 second to switch. (This is a big change from my AW2310 that took almost 6 seconds to go 120hz...). Very annoying when switching from 23.976 to 25fps material all the time.

The Bad (for me)

-Some yellow tinting at the bottom. I would estimate around 30% near the middle has a yellow tint. I'm still learning about this issue from the web. And I have some hope of figuring it out since I can make it worse by displaying certain pixel patterns at different locations on the screen. (especially if I have this on the left half of the screen and resize it dynamically.


I try and keep noise to a minimum at my desk. At 60hz there is almost no audible noise from the monitor. I have to get very close to hear it. But at 120hz the buzzing is incredibly loud. I will most definately take it appart soon and try the epoxy/hot glue fix from the catleap 2B forums. I'm hoping at least dampen it alot.
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Limp Gawd
Oct 3, 2008
WOW! Nice review. Thanks for the insight. MIne is comming today.

Curious, did you purchase an A- or A panel?


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Oct 30, 2010
Thanks for posting your experiences Druneau. If possible would you keep records/photos of which components you apply epoxy to? Information about what was used and how well it works on different components would be valuable to other people trying this.

Enjoy your display!


Limp Gawd
Oct 3, 2008
It arrived in perfect condition. It was double boxed very nicely. I only had about 45 minutes with it before I had to leave the house but it was enough time to overclock it (5 minutes). I threw up a quick game of crysis 2 at 96Hz and ... WOW!!!! This is the most beautiful monitor I have ever usd. I cant wait to get back and try 100Hz and above! I immediately ordered that ergotron mount listed above. The stand is the only lackluster nuance I have found so far.