Another Cyber Monday, Another Online Sales Record

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Dec 31, 1969
According to the people that keep track of this stuff, Cyber Monday set another online sales record. Black Friday did its best to keep up but, in the end, it was Cyber Monday all the way.

Black Friday 2016's reign as the biggest US online sales day ever didn't last long. Three days to be exact. That's because Cyber Monday hit $3.45 billion in online sales, up 12 percent from a year earlier, according to the latest statistics from Adobe Digital Insights. The day edged out Black Friday by roughly $110 million. Jill Stein is already calling for a recount. (OK, not really.)


Limp Gawd
Oct 11, 2006
couldnt find any good deals! most product on sale is not the top of the line products. The products that I want is always so expensive but never goes down in sales. Some sellers marks up the price so high because of scalpers, but yet the rest of us can't even buy it? whats the point.

Tak Ne

Jan 28, 2008
US record but globally Singles' Day is much bigger.

In November 2016, the e-commerce giant Alibaba has set its Singles Day record and generated 120.7 billion CNY (17.79 billion USD) in gross merchandise.


Jun 7, 2004
One has to wonder about any of these $ "facts". I mean look how the polls got the Pres elect going down in flames. Are these high numbers put out to get us motivated to spend spend spend and get the economy moving, vs stagnating. What is one to believe coming from the main stream media anymore. Now the good. Some of those prices are unbelievable. I saw a 55" 4K tv on sale for $298 vs $988 on amazon. I'd even store that baby away till I needed it with all the other stuff I bought over the yrs on Black Friday, till I need it. :)


Apr 4, 2012
You have to be careful as well, some stores report items put on layaway as "sales" even though the customer hasn't actually paid for the product yet. I know that is how Walmart does it. And if the product go's on sale fkr a cheaper price than what it was when they put it on said layaway the customer gets the cheaper price , so today's huge number of sales can be tomorrow's flat or underperformed sales.

Finally, I agree with everyone above. What did these people buy? 50$ tablets and 200$ tvs? They will be back next year replacing said "deals" when they die.