Android 11 WiFi no throughput

Jul 29, 2021
I have a Xiaomi Redmi note 8 pro which received the update to Android 11 about two weeks ago. For the most part it's a better experience - good enough at least for me not willing to go back to 10 - but I have massive issues with the WiFi connection. Basically every time I do "something" the throughput dies down to nothing until I switch it off and on again. I can for example watch a YouTube video but as soon as the add is through it doesn't load any further. I can open ebay - need to reconnect - click on a product - need to reconnect - open the description - guess what...
I was hoping there would be a patch, that's also why I waited for two weeks. I also tried to search for it but the only advised was waiting for a patch and reseting the connectivity options which did nothing.

I would be glad for any help since I don't want to go back to android 10.

I'm on vacation now and on the WiFi here the problem doesn't exist. At first I didn't think about the router causing the issue since it only occurred after the update - could there be a change in the communication with a specific router (I have a fritzbox 6591)? As far as I can tell the protocol should be the same and the specifics of the communication is set by the emitter and not the receiver?
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I'm going to guess it's a problem with the firmware itself.