An Active Robot Is a Healthy Robot


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Apr 10, 2003
Robugtix has released a teaser video for its "Z6" portable and foldable robot. In this video, Z6 shows how it stays in shape to maintain peak performance at all times.

Meet Z6, the portable and foldable robot for use in professional environments. With a very compact form factor, this robot can be easily and quickly carried in a backpack to a site where inspection, exploration, search and rescue, and other tasks are required to be performed.
Are we taking bets if this was real time or time lapse? If its real time, not sure if new pet or nightmare fuel.
Now imagine that it came with a toothbrush. A dancing, tooth-cleaning robot. That's how they'll get us.

Sadly, the human resistance is gonna be full of dumbshits since most of the survivors will be people who like to watch those home shopping channels all day. Because there is no way a robot like that, armed with a toothbrush, is going to be able to resist murdering a QVC host on live television.
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I'm intrigued and terrified at the same time. You can buy a home version for under $1k at their website. Hmmm, new GPU or killer nightmare bot...
Ahhhhh..20 Minute Workout...........always a workout....but 20 minutes? Not if they were doing those synchronized bend-over squats........

Because this is what workout shows were like in the 80's when they weren't created by women interested in fitness :)

Also if you're under 17 and reading this....get your parents permission before googling these videos, by todays's standards these are basically PMV's. They hold up well.....<COUGH>......
Just had the same spider crawl over me three times...maybe I should have looked at it closer. Also why black, couldn't they do it in friendly colors? Or are the black helicopters soon going to be dropping hundreds of these on a crack house (or any other bad guy) near by?