Amplified Bluetooth Connected Speakers Physical Volume Knob Adjusts Windows Master Volume?


Nov 30, 2019
I've just noticed wth a set of BT speakers that if I turn the volume knob on the speakers, the master Volume control in Windows 10 also moves.

This is something I've never seen and it's dangerous. You can blow your ears or speakers.

The way you should set speaker volume is to turn all of the Windows volume controls to maximum, and then slowly increase the physical volume knob on your speakers or amp to a point where it's just a little louder than you would want it. Then use Windows volume controls to turn it down to a normal listening level.

The way it is now, if somehow the Windows master Volume gets max, so do your speakers/amp and put out 100% = blown eardrums or speakers.

I've never noticed a physical knob on an amp or amplified speakers affecting Windows 10's Master Volume control or any Windows 10 volume controls, ever.

Does anyone know if something changed in Windows, or maybe this is specific to the speakers, and how to override it.

Just to be clear, I can't turn down the amp/amplified speakers volume knob without Windows Master Volume slider also being moved.


I was going to delete this, but thought I would leave it for others. I have many Bluetooth amplified speakers and BT Amps and I have never seen this behavior using any of them, until this new set. For some reason, these speakers are affected by a control in the Windows 10 registry. You can change it and stop the device from adjusting Windows Master Volume.

1. Open Windows Registry (regedit.exe).

2. Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Bluetooth\Audio\AVRCP\CT

3. Make sure you are in the "CT" directory.

4. If it doesn't, exist create REG_DWORD32 called:


5. and set it's value to 1.

Was driving me crazy.
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