Ampere Launches 32 Core ARM Server Chip

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    Mar 3, 2018
    Ampere, a startup created by former Intel president Renée James, launched their first product: the eMAG 8180. The processor is fabbed on TSMC's 16nm process, and features 32 ARM v8-A cores running at up to 3.3Ghz, 8 channels of DDR4 2667, 42 lanes of PCIE 3.0, and a 125W TDP. Ampere acquired Applied Micro's IP and some of their staff in 2017, and this chip appears to be the commercial launch of their X-Gene 3 design from 2015. Lenovo and "several unnamed ODMs" have already agreed to deploy the new processor.

    Taylor noted that each customer faces different issues. But if the customer is using open source software with Linux roots, "a vast majority of software is already ported and optimized to Arm-based processors," he said. "We already have everything from compliers, run time to library and OS - with all the fundamental elements in Arm."
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    I'd be interested to see how well this new chip works under load with a full os.
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    Can it runs Quake 3?
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    I'm absolutely annoyed with these startsups announcing these chips yet providing no low cost development hardware. Put it in the hands of as many coders as possible. Fuck them and their "buy our *low cost* platform or get one sample if you're Google/MS/Facebook/Apple"