AMD processor laptops any better yet?


Limp Gawd
Jan 28, 2003
I have both a AMD and Intel laptops and am very happy with both of them. The AMD is a XP2000M and the intel is the 2000 also but it is a reg desktop chip not a M. I would say they are very close in the speed in just about everything. Even when I run some game or something I will get the same FPS in the game. One has a GF and the other a ATI graphics (forget what ati right now without looking and the GF is a GF 420 mobile) The intel does seen to start up faster than the AMD but the AMD shuts down faster.

I got them for my 2 girls about the same time about 8 months ago. Both are the same but for the brands of some of the parts (one is a HP and the other is a Toshiba)
I have not had a problem with anything yet and have no complaints about them.
So in other words I think that you will be happy with anything you get.

Well let me say that the Intel one does use up the Batt faster than the AMD but is is a desktop CPU and not a mobile. If I was you I would go with a mobile. Even as it is not a CPU-M it will still run about 1 1/2 hours or so while surfing online and such. If your gaming or something it does burn up the power faster and all. But this problem would not effect it if it was a M CPU so as long as you go that way I think you wopuld be happy with anyone you got.