AMD introduces Radeon Instinct: Accelerating Machine Intelligence

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Dec 31, 1969
AMD today unveiled its strategy to accelerate the machine intelligence era in server computing through a new suite of hardware and open-source software offerings designed to dramatically increase performance, efficiency, and ease of implementation of deep learning workloads. New Radeon™ Instinct accelerators will offer organizations powerful GPU-based solutions for deep learning inference and training. Along with the new hardware offerings, AMD announced MIOpen, a free, open-source library for GPU accelerators intended to enable high-performance machine intelligence implementations, and new, optimized deep learning frameworks on AMD's ROCm software to build the foundation of the next evolution of machine intelligence workloads. Inexpensive high-capacity storage, an abundance of sensor driven data, and the exponential growth of user-generated content are driving exabytes of data globally. Recent advances in machine intelligence algorithms mapped to high-performance GPUs are enabling orders of magnitude acceleration of the processing and understanding of that data, producing insights in near real time. Radeon Instinct is a blueprint for an open software ecosystem for machine intelligence, helping to speed inference insights and algorithm training.


[H]F Junkie
Jun 25, 2004
The machines don't want to wipe us out. What will happen is there will be a war between AMD AI and Nvidia AI, and we'll just get caught in the middle. :p


Nov 30, 2016
Is open-source software really a good way to target the corporate sector? Or is it merely another attempt at relevance? One would think that now, at the verge of the new families of CPUs and GPUs, AMD would want to concentrate their efforts and resources on their primary markets, instead of spreading themselves even thinner.