AMD Epyc (Naples)


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Apr 12, 2004
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Package shot of the EPYC chip without the IHS:

Some of the Epyc demos look pretty good relative to intel server systems.
4 Zens patched together via the infinity fabric. Oh man, do I sense a [H]ardcore overclocking session with some memory testing coming on?
Please be unlocked....oh please, oh please, oh please be unlocked....:D:D

Unlocked Epyc would destroy Intel Xeons, especially for 2P systems... assuming you can keep it cool enough :D
My god the size of that thing.... I am going to need a forklift to get it home.

I am excited to see the numbers when they are released of actual true benches... sorry 1700X you might be for sale soon my little child.
Nice thing about the package being so large is there's plenty of surface area for heat transfer. I could see this thing flying with a good heatsink, as long as the fabric can handle it.