AMD CCC issues


Feb 5, 2007
What is happening, is if i have crossfire enabled when i shut down, so it is again still enabled when i boot up, the frame rates are dropping significantly.

One thing i have noticed is that in my toolbox when i right click the CCC icon for the first time, it only gives the option to open CCC, and not the other options it usually displays such as the list with the video cards in them with various options etc.

at this point if i open any game, my frame rates are horrendous, im talking 10 fps in bf3 20 in diablo 3.

Now if i open CCC, disable crossfire, and re-enable it, THEN launch the game my frame rates go back to normal.

I have tried the who uninstall, restart in safe mode, run driver sweeper, reboot in normal mode reinstall and am getting the exact same results

Is this maybe a windows issue in startup? any clue how to diagnose it? its not a breaking problem but it is annoying

Ill add that this isnt on my desktop in sig, it is a clevo p180 with dual 6990m's in crossfire on windows 7 home 64 bit