Alternative to Windows Text Scaling


May 20, 2016
I have a 27" 1440p 144Hz monitor, Dell S2716DGR.

For some reason when I set Windows text to above 100% (125%), the screen starts flickering on and off like crazy until I dial the refresh rate down to 85 hz.

Now I have no issues running this at 144Hz, 120hz, or 100hz at 100% text scaling.

I suspect what's going on is Windows text scaling is actually increasing the internal resolution (say to 3200x 1800 with 125% text scaling) which is exceeding the bandwidth of my cable. I'm using a 25 foot 26awg displayport cable, due to me keeping my pc in a closet to eliminate noise. I suspect I would need to upgrade to something like a 24awg cable to handle the extra bandwidth requirement. The problem is they cost over $150 (DVI Gear is the only one selling a 24 awg cable under 35 feet).

Does my analysis seem reasonable, and if so, is there any alternative to Windows text scaling?