Alternative to mystic light RGB?


Feb 19, 2004
I'm running a Z390 gaming edge ac, and I'm thinking about adding a couple LED strips and a fan to color the case a bit. My board also has built in LEDs, which I've controlled in the dragon center app. The problem I have is the app itself. It causes me a lot of problems. And specifically ledkeeper.exe throws constant errors in the logs. I've had random bsods with dragon center installed, so i don't use it anymore.

My research into the world of RGB has led me to the conclusion that its a clusterfuck or proprietary products and incompatibility. I've seen many claim iCUE is hands down the most customizable, but Steve's RGB bloat review over at GN has me concerned that it will weigh down the system. I've yet to find any good third party hubs that are highly compatible and problem free.

So i was hoping someone could provide some insight here. Not trying to bling out my case, just minimal lighting devices and high customizability. I'd prefer to be able to use lighting from the board as part of the whole RGB system - built-in or memory sticks. And I'm leaning towards (but not sold on) those led ropes by phanteks. Any suggestions on software or hardware solutions?