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Discussion in 'Mobile Computing' started by lightp2, Jan 13, 2012.

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  1. lightp2

    lightp2 Gawd

    Oct 28, 2009
    With the latest development, it is pretty clear now.

    Note : my observation is this phenomenon is quite common in daily life. Obviously each has different view of suitability of such implication.

    A. Apple
    1. We integrate everything complete.
    2. The premium valuation is present in our products. You are paying for it.
    3. With point 1 and 2, if you still decide on our products, you ought to make full use of it. For catering to generic consumer oriented needs, it just works. (ok mostly just works)
    4. Conclusion, by the time you absolutely appreciate and utilize our products completely to the fullest extend of physically possible, considering all your effort invested, it is probably already many years down the road where similar-performance-level products are now in the bargain-price-level, or probably in the refurbished or recycling industry.
    5. At that point, if you still insisting on old hardware, you can try putting 3rd party OS on it if you want if you can find dedicated 3rd party willing to contribute their effort in this area. Many people will probably move on to newer hardware already, which will again have full coverage of Apple computing experience, if you decided to go Apple again. Refer to point 1,2,3.

    [Edit] :
    i.. It just works.
    ii. Else it does not work. In this case try to wait until we figure out what to do before major engagement because it is in our culture to make sure it just works.

    B. Microsoft
    with the latest development per ARM-based Microsoft-sanctioned devices;feature-roto

    1. We integrate many.
    2. Valuation is present in our products. You need to pay for it, just like most commercial things in life.
    3. With point 1 and 2, if you still decide on our products, you ought to make full use of it. For catering to generic consumer oriented needs, it mostly works.
    4. This time around, ARM-based users, you are paying for it.
    4.1 You are NOT going to pretend buying Microsoft products and put other things on it. You are going to use it as intended. And we are not going to make it easy/possible for you to put other things on it. Refer to link.
    4.2 All we ask is that one being honest in life. We tell you up-front, you decide
    4.3 We are stating absolutely clear if you do not agree with this, consider other products that suit your particular needs. Try not to come back to complain about what should or should not, this policy is now clearly in discussion by media of your choice.
    4.4 Anyhow, we already have a plan, even if you choose Android, Android vendors you need to pay as well, but ok at least going Android you have your right to tinker with it, if possible on devices of your choose, else you can choose a platform that does not restrict you, your choice.

    1. Stay calm, analyze the claim with clarity, assess our reasoning. For once we have chance for this curated store Microsoft can offer its best new Windows experience, with simplicity and security, which most people say benefit common users, aren't what we propose help achieving those goals ? Credit : summary as a result from ARSTECHNICA article and comments.
    1.1 For once will you allow Microsoft to do the right thing by providing a secure, pleasant, working, clean environment to the endusers? you know, we are following preset "successful, real world example", not that we do not know how, but previously not easy due to complication...
    2. Where you opted otherwise, there are always alternatives.,"less restricted platforms" exist.
    3. "Where do you want to go today?"

    C. Google and Google-derived

    1. We integrate some.
    2. Many things are possible, You need to pay for/with advertisement, just like most commercial things in life.
    3. With point 1 and 2, if you still decide on our products, you are free to decide what to do with our products or any derived products, just like users of most media services. Nobody is being forced to come our way. For generic consumer, it obviously works because without consumer this business is going to be hard to sustain.
    3.1 Things that you tick/click usually work.
    4. We are reasonable
    4.1 Where it is sensible, we lock the products.
    4.2 Where it is sensible, we unlock the products.
    4.3 Where it is vague, we deliberate, just like life. Sometimes it is difficult to say which is which because we have gray area...
    4.3.1 Therefore we are stating and not stating because we are just like individuals, we have plus and we have minuses. If you can be 100% honest and clear in your life, we can also work towards that goal...
    4.4 We are generally ok with tinkerers. But if you want to use our name, we have standards and please adhere to the stated conditions and common goals.

    All honesty computing.

    Why this post is in "mobile computing"

    With the great up-tick of mobile computing and Smart Phone industry and mobile media/game players, basically everything mobile, perhaps it is good to observe so that there is no regret, or less regret per users' investment.
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  2. lightp2

    lightp2 Gawd

    Oct 28, 2009

    OK, Samsung steps forward...

    1. Samsung Bada OS, Intel Moblin/MeeGo/Tizen, HP WebOS

    aka the alternative alliance...

    1.1 Samsung and Intel, two of the most resourceful foundries and bleeding-edge manufacturing entities, now ponder...
    1.2 According to link, Samsung is considering Bada/Tizen merge.

    1.3 [ Edit ] Added to answer Ticker305 post 3 below : Note here [ Intel Moblin/MeeGo/Tizen ] is listed above since Intel is the originator of those. at the moment no idea about AMD but should be possible since Tizen is openly accessible. AMD has the peculiar position of having its own gpu technology as well, similar to nVidia position, hardware-wise.


    1. Here many critical attributes of every mobile computing platforms are known in advance.
    2. Now "mobile computing users will choose their own destiny..."

    3. This time around, there should be less confusion, less mis-understanding, major difference mostly known. Users can analyze and draw their own conclusion per suitability of various mobile options. Hopefully there is no regret, or less regret per their ideal choice.

    Edit : will edit this post to add more when Bada/Tizen more details appear.

    1. We are open to co-operation and also open to integration. (Core spirit of open hardware and FOSS software and foundations)
    2. Many things are possible, You need to keep open mind and play nice with others.
    3. With point 1 and 2, most people can identify with us, why?? We are you!
    4. All we ask is that you play nice with others and leave reasonable room for others. The world is much better. (observe here Open Computing folks are not against proprietary arrangement, they just want sensible access to hardware and software, and where possible, API and data format definition access so that in case the proprietary folks abandon, other folks can continue to work and pick up the pieces where sensible to support critical establishments.) BTW FOSS still need to eat so generic users please do not equate FOSS with super-being surviving on pure air. kindly donate or support them in other ways where you feel comfortable.
    4.0.1 If our stuff is absolutely fabulous and attain dominance through ethical and legal means, you cannot blame us because it is not wrong to be a monopoly or duopoly. It is only a problem if we misuse it, but we can always rectify the problem...
    4.1 Most phone vendors will lock the device due to circumstances, hope you understand.
    4.2 However, maybe some appear willing to consider allowing 3rd party ROM development.
    4.3 Non-phones, meaning things that do not involve 2G/3G/4G, should be easier since they are generic computing devices, you should be free to do reasonable things. For example, x86 laptop/desktop/servers meet most needs, with free choices abundance, no need to deliberate.
    4.3.1 Intel is already demonstrating low-power designs so that should cover new segment as well.
    4.4 Obviously you need to pay for premium hardware expertise. but multi-pricing-level hardware options maybe also available now that Samsung is willing to take a look, leading to more interests from other hardware vendors.
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  3. Ticker305

    Ticker305 [H]ard|Gawd

    Nov 25, 2011
  4. lightp2

    lightp2 Gawd

    Oct 28, 2009
    This post is reserved.

    will add more to this post where sensible

    pending the narrative ...
  5. PurduEE

    PurduEE BIOSonic Man

    Oct 9, 2000
    I don't think you're me. Is this thread supposed to mean something?
  6. MGDMN

    MGDMN 2[H]4U

    Sep 30, 2003
    I am confused by this thread also. I have been watching it since he made the original post waiting to see if I could make sense of it. I dont understand the purpose of this topic.
  7. Monkey God

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    May 7, 2007
    A) You're insane
    B) English is not your first language and you are by nature not well organized
  8. silentcoercion

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    Aug 3, 2006
    Agreed. I read through and tried to understand what point was being made. I failed. I really, really don't know what the OP is trying to get at.
  9. odoe

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    Oct 10, 2001
    I'm not sure exactly what this thread is. Seems like summaries of news releases not totally suited to this forum.
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