Albatron FX5200 problem..AGP voltage..not enough?


Limp Gawd
Oct 16, 2000
I have this Albatron FX5200 AGP card, in a DFI Lan Party NF3 board. The video card has an extra 12v molex connector for a addtional power adapter on it. With this plugged in also, and using the latest nvidia drivers, I get a message that the card is not recieving enough power. I have a good PS so I can't figure this damn thing out..its driving me nuts..
Has anyone eveer had this problem or know what I'm talking about? The message is an nvidia th way.
I think you are talking about the extra three pin connector on your card, yes?

Because your card is a 5200 card, it should not have a four pin molex connector anywhere on it. In fact, your card being an albatron card, shouldn't even have a fan on it.

Do NOT plug your card into your PS directly, your three pin connector (on the card) is an option, it is to control a fan, in case you should replace the passive heatsink with a heatsink/fan combo (which you don't need to do for 5200).

Unplug your card from the direct connection to your PS, make sure the card is all the way in the AGP slot and well connected and then make sure your Motherboard Bios is set for the standard amount of juice to be going to your video card and reboot your system.

Unless you've already blown the circuits in the card, or the AGP slot, by running the power/current backwards through it, it should be fine and stop giving you that message.

Good luck.
You see, you have to tell us things like the word Ultra, when it is used in identifying your card. Leave something like that out and we give you the wrong advice : )
Oops..sorry about that..:) Anyway, any ideas other than the agp settings in the bios?
If I can get abit more time to test, I'll try it in another machine and see how it acts..thanks..:)
Plug your PS line into a fan, make sure the current is flowing, then make sure the card's molex connector hasn't been knocked ascrew, loose, or anything like that and plug the line back into the card (always ensure the card is all the way in the AGP slot).

Which driver are you using?