Airport Express and WRT54G router


Limp Gawd
Aug 1, 2003
before anyone craps on this thread about not searching and such, i have searched and followed all directions on this blog but i still cant get the airport to come up in airport admin utility or airport setup assistant....

could be that the airport isnt solid green, its between blinking orange and solid orange and every once and a while it comes up as green for a few seconds. anyone with info would be greatly appreciated.
At which point did it fail? Was it when your AE was supposed to be broadcasting on a different SSID? If need be, you can plug directly into the ethernet port of the AE to reconfigure it. Also, make sure that the client knows about the router AND the router knows about the client. That seemed to be the only way that my roomate could get our network going.
Factory reset it. Unplug the airport, press and hold the reset button in then plug it in as you're holding the reset button in. Then keep holding it until it blinks green 5 times then let go.

Now click on the wireless menu (the one at the top of the screen) and select the airport network listed in there. Now open airport admin utility and set it up.