AI assistants - beyond search or turn the lights on and off?


Jan 1, 2014
So, I see there are note taking / meeting summary tools all over the place. For those that are jumping in, what are you using?

I have a couple customers using Fireflies. I kicked the first instance I saw out of a meeting since the customer didn't alert me nor speak up when I asked "who's that"? Many I've looked into require joining the meetings. Pros and cons, for sure. Some are able to join meetings you can't attend and summarize the content for you. That would be pretty cool. Get an AI me going to all these meetings? Oh yeah, moonlighting was discussed elsewhere. This could help. Funny if one day a bunch of meeting AI's showed to a call and there was no meeting.

I found a tool called Jamie - that works in stealth mode. It doesn't join meetings, just listens in to your system audio and summarizes the stuff. Works OK. Again, pros and cons on this one. I like the stealth mode but, it's a bit pricey as a regular subscription to just take notes. I'd be looking at over $100 a month for the number of meetings I'd ask it to summarize so I can cut back on note taking and focus on the conversations.

I was looking for one that I could dump a recording into after the fact. Any recommendations for something affordable?

What else is out there for note taking - and what's the value in your opinion?

What other AI tools are you starting to use or seriously considering using regularly for "business admin" sort of tasks?
We deployed Jasper in our office, it mainly handles tenant inquires, postings and online persona. Once we dialed it in, saved us tones of hours
I can't share much of anything I have or have had running in my office which pains me but for anyone interested in further reading on their own I know this software category to be called groupware (i.e groupware task analysis).

This is not a new technology. After 10 years of hacking in this space I much prefer the more limited Nextcloud model. Having authored thousands of pages of SoPs I hate documentation. I would be very much afraid about what you might be giving away. The unique social dynamics and organizational structures of my "enterprise" is guarded for the safety and security of everyone involved.

I prefer working with mindmaps and whiteboards. I have built and trained models on these specific contexts and there are numerous papers out dating back 15+ years that I used as the foundation of my own work. My area of specialization was most often on the HID side of things. Mostly dealing with touchscreens and sensors. Some character recognition and some sentiment analysis.

I built a successful business selling this technology which I then promptly left and I've been poor ever since. The vast majority of my past friends/colleagues are probably to busy protesting the use of this technology to start/launch a company around it. Most of us made and still make $30-50k a year when the market had us at around $300k and now at something probably closer to 1.2m/yr now.

I could dump some github projects of interest but I'm not sure what good it would really do anyone here. With any and all likelihood it would probably get this thread derailed/hijacked or atleast that has been my experience.

I'm a bit hungover right now but I think the better question/ask here might be: what are some effective business processes relating to [whatever industry/pain-point]. Get the ball rolling there and we come upon something wonderful.
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