AI Allows Robot to Dance to Live Music


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
A research team at ETH Zurich developed a robot called the ANYmal that can be used to do a number tasks like industrial inspection of oil and gas sites. It can carry all kinds of payloads to accomplish tasks autonomously. However, they added a microphone and gave it the ability to analyze music and now it can dance. The dancing capability is kinda cute, but this kind of feedback loop will enable it to do things like search and rescue. Check out the video.

Watch the video here.
I bet this AI work in a similar manner as the visual plugin for Winamp. Milk Drop in particular

Apparently, we have learned nothing from these people.
It looks better than Boston Dynamics videos of guys kicking robots as they're trying to walk, at least.
You say that now, but we all know that it's the 13-hour loop of the Macarena that will cause AIs to decide that humanity must be destroyed.
Pretty cute indeed. That robot has more groove than me. Looking forward to the day I see the first Michael Jackson dancin' robot.
dances like a white guy, I should know...
and their bmp counter is waaaaay off, none of those songs are 146bmp.
What's worse than white people dancing? Dancing robots designed by white people. Its good to know though, lack of rhythm is something so little understood, we inadvertently pass it on to our creations.