afterthought city


Feb 28, 2007
As an afterthought, does the WCG have a niffty type badge telling any amount of pernts you accumulated or any standing in the community you might have like the F@H badge :confused:? Futhermore if it does, how do you access it and post it in the forum :confused:? Another thang, how do you know who's on what team and if they're currently active :confused:? If Stanford would get their "ducks in a row" and get the freakin' SMP thing figared out I'd probably be more than willing to put my Q6600 CPU's back to Standford F@H, but as it stands and ATM, I'm only doin' the GPU2 thing for Stanford (in Windows, 'cause AFAIK that's the only way you can GPU and AFAIK the only GPU capable software :eek:, see the next question, statement or whatever, very interrresting'..... :p) I've read where there's a GPU DC program out there, but I've yet to check it out. It claims to be for both Linux and "CUDA" GPU's :eek: . (to me that means no more Windose, because I do love Linux, and so far you can only GPU in Windose) As you can see I don't know "jack shite" about the WCG thing, but I got exasperated when here eveything went along fine with the Stanford WinSMP client (yeah, I know it's only beta smeta or whatever) until recently when the dreaded 2665 WU started regularly EUEing on two (2) of my quad boxen (WinXP w/SP3) :mad: They've both been faithfully folding 24/7 for many moons. (it's hard to believe they both f*cked" up at the same time :rolleyes:)

Between the info on Riva Tuner (v2.09 vs v2.10) and IMHO the bullcrap about the Stanford SMP clents you can readily see I need some help from the many wonderful members of this great forum, :D (yeah, I know not everybody has problems with the 2665 WU EUEing)

I'd appreciate any help. Thanks in advance (it's [H]ard to be humble when you're part of the best forum on the "Net" :p)

EDIT: Oh yeah Vjay, I guess I ain't "expert" enough to fold with the SMP client :rolleyes: