Advice Needed for GPU for Photo Editing & Light CAD work. . .

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    What would be the best 1080 for a heavy photoshop user and light CAD? After looking at the M5000 and the GTX 1080, I decided on the GTX (but can’t remember exactly why :\). Then when I went to look deeper into the GTX 1080, I discovered that there are over 30 versions, so I’m more confused, conflicted, etc. than ever. I’m not a big gamer (but who knows, maybe I’ll become one someday), I mainly want a killer card for heavy photoediting with photoshop, etc., and some light CAD work. Any thoughts on whether a M5000 or a GTX 1080 would be better?

    The card would go into a Dell Workstation.

    Dell 7910
    128GB Ram
    Processor E52630V3
    Windows 7 Ultimate

    The power supply has two 6 pin connectors and two 8 pin connectors. It has a 1300w power supply, and has support for 4 PCI Express x16 Gen 2/Gen 3 graphics cards - up to 675W (total 3 x 225W graphics cards in 3 slots. General spec sheet -
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    It really doesn't matter because they will all perform about the same. Just get something with an aftermarket cooler that is either the cheapest or looks the best to you. There are a lot of models but the biggest difference is really the cooling capabilities.,n:541966,n:193870011,n:284822,k:gtx+1080 I will add that EVGA does have the best support and customer service in the industry so an EVGA model may be a good route. I personally prefer ASUS STRIX models but that's my personal preference. They have great cooling, performance, and aesthetics. Just pick whichever you want, you can't go wrong!
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    May 15, 2013
    From what I gathered; unless you really need ECC memory the 1080 would be ubër kill for what you have planned.

    If all you do is work, and maybe light gaming in the future; a rx460/470 or 1050/ti would most likely be just fine.
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    Oct 17, 2011
    With the speed of modern CPUs very little offloading is actually done these days... its not really worth it unless you're doing heavy cad then get a quadro/firepro depending on program/support etc.
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    MIght also be interested in this review where they show the performance of the Quadro Pascal mid-range:
    M5000 is outclassed by both of these mid/upper mid-range Quadros.
    One aspect to consider, Quadro are professional drivers not Geforce like you see with 1080/1070/etc, but that is also part of the extra cost towards Quadro.

    Also note the P4000 is single slot, not sure it matter but worth checking if going with an OEM workstation, however this means the P4000 is a cut down GP104 (think GTX1070 cut down) and at a higher price (due to being Quadro).
    But it is pretty efficient, 5.3 FP32 TFLOPs at 105W, not cost or performance effective when compared to the GTX1080 though.
    Anyway the review gives you some indicators on the Maxwell cards vs performance with Pascal in context of CAD/rendering professional software.

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