Adding additional san to existing iscsi mpio infrastructure


Limp Gawd
Oct 24, 2010
I work at company that has 2 server room - main and backup.
At main server room we use netapp fas2040 SAN for iscsi -
that netapp has its own 2 controllers that use mpio to combine them and give protection.
Backup server room use only local disks and is not redundant - there is no storage migration or clusters. We have 1 hyperv 2008r server in every server room
For now there is no way to create cluster between hyperv servers other than use that netapp that located only in one location.
We also have spare regular qnap 4 disk NAS that has iscsi
Is it possible to put for examplethat qnap to backup server room and add them to iscsi mpio configuration that is already configured with netapp to add additional redundancy and make use of backup server room as it should be ?