Accudoc Data Breach Leaks Patient Info


Mar 3, 2018
On November 27, Atrium Health announced that one of their databases hosted by AccuDoc was breached by an "unauthorized third party" between September 22 and September 29, 2018. According to the release, basic information like names, date of birth, insurance info, and account balances were leaked, but the social security numbers of some customers were also compromised. Fortunately, the company claims no medical or financial info was accessed in the breach. While the number isn't specifically mentioned in the press release, security affairs claims that roughly 2.65 million patients were affected. Thanks to #Schtask for the tip.

As soon as AccuDoc discovered the incident, it immediately terminated the unauthorized access, engaged a forensic investigator, and took steps to secure its affected databases and enhance its security controls. AccuDoc continues to monitor its systems for any additional related activity. AccuDoc informed Atrium Health of the incident on October 1, 2018. Atrium Health takes this matter very seriously and engaged its own nationally-recognized forensic investigator to conduct an independent review of the incident. Atrium Health also reviewed its security safeguards and remains vigilant for similar types of incidents. Both AccuDoc and Atrium Health have been in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
Google has set a value of what a persons online identity is worth, somewhere around $40. Every time a service that houses your personal data is hacked, every affected customer should submit them a bill for the $40, and a reasonable processing fee with a clause that after 30 days a 3% late payment fee will be added.
Maybe Dell should help them with their InfoSec.
I was just at a presentation done by Dell partnered with Microsoft on how they are seriously upping their networking and file security services and their new methods for detecting and stopping attacks before they have a chance to take hold.

Sounds like somebody should give them a call.