About ready to use Box as target practice / OS Audio issues


Dec 23, 2002
OK..... Have a duplicate thread in "Audio", but this one is visited more often, so forgive the duplicate post. Where the hell to begin.. About a month ago, the audio started to go out on my PC, was running a Titanium HD running through my DAC/AMP (Audio-GD Compass), so I figured what the hell, it's been literally forever, lets upgrade and go from there...

Bought a Soundblaster Z, used Revo Pro Uninstaller to clean everything out, installed the card, then drivers and WTF.. no audio out via SPDIF.....

Alrighty, lets go old school, have a Headroom Micro Amp that I had buried in my "leftovers" box, dusted it off, and the only way I can hear anything at all is to have it cranked to max (Cans = DT 880, 250 OHM, 3.5mm adapter being used via "Headphone out" on card [Second port]) so there is no reason it couldn't handle it. I can barely hear any audio, only if I have the volume dialed up to 200% w. VLC.. Sound is there, but is so muffled, like hearing it though a pound of cotton, so I know that its workign, but I'm missing something in the OS itself. I am open to reformatting in necessary.

All Volume settings are maxed. | Audio enhancements are off | Sound driven though: Speakers (Soundblaster Z), show the volume spiking there | Sound - Communications: Detects communications activity -> Do Nothing | Spatial Sound: Off

Settings via App volume and device preferences: Output: Speakers | Master Volume: 100% | System Sounds: 100% | VLC Media Player: 100$

Rebooted: Soooo many times....

Using nVidia, but do not have HDMI sound installed.

Realtek Audio is disabled via BIOS

Windows 10 Pro / Version 1909 / Build: 18363.900

It's obviously working, but WTH am I missing because this shit is driving me nucking futs... Sincere thanks for any suggestions / advise in advance.


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Nov 1, 2012
yup, I can hear video/audio, but its just like its miles away.. I'm doing a rollback to see if that helps, if not.. not sure what to do after that
It sounds almost like you mixed the audio ports and are listening to a surround channel...