ABC Mouse computer


Feb 3, 2011
I am setting up a computer for my son to use for ABC Mouse (its a kids learning site) Basically- I need advice on a simple way to control what he can do so he logs on the computer and cant do anything but what hes supposed to.

Any thoughts?
First and foremost set up DNS filtering. has amazing filters. Will block porn and censor google image search. That's job one.
also, and i do the DNS filtering to an extent, but sit with them for a few days and explain how to search, what to search, and WHY they are not aloud to search for certain things. (youtube is good here, you can get to some grey material to use as an example that is not 2 girls and a cup bad right out the gate.) AND then show them in PIHOLE or whatever DNS filter you use, how you can see what a computer has done, and that you don't plan on checking their every move, unless they give you reason too.
Im going to do the family account thing, I dont have a DNS filter. Im too lazy, plus, I like porno and viruses to be available at a seconds notice!
Just get a Chromebook. The site is heavily optimized for mobile devices and touch screens.