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    Jun 2, 2013
    Found myself storing and running plenty of VMs, so started to look at high thread count CPUs. Realised that TR would not fit well into the beloved Ncase M1v1 and eATX is the way to go (looking at likes of ASUS ROG Zenith Extreme Alpha). Realised that for the task I do not need SATA storage - will get enough M.2 expandability via PCI. Taking advantage of TR architecture here again. Two video cards eventually.

    Now, talking about a case I need: which will fit an eATX mobo, an ATX power supply, stay classy. I want it air cooled and cable managed. Vertical preferred. No significant space wasted for would be drives or a pump.

    I only see Silverstone Fortress FT05 as a candidate - but it falls short with cable management and plastic parts. There is also Cerberus X and they confirmed that the mobo will clear in one PS configuration. But it is an SFX power supply and I would like ATX if I load more devices in the future.

    Looking to build once TR 3d gen is out - catching up on latest system build trends in advance.

    What cases / case concerns do I miss?
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