A "benchmark" on a program you need to know about


Limp Gawd
Feb 15, 2006
I figured this thread would be a good way to help those of you with password organization issues, as well as allow you to try a fairly cheesy benchmark for your rig. The application is called KeePass, available as open source from http://keepass.sourceforge.net.

This is easily the best password and sensitive data manager I've ever used. Very simple, open source, and extremely secure by using an encrypted database. It's been mentioned in a few other threads about password management, but never this aspect of it. Now, the benchmark part...

When you create your password database, go into the database settings in the file menu and click the little clock button next to the input for "Number of key encryption rounds". This seemingly calculates the number of times your processor can encrypt/decrypt data in one second. I absolutely love this feature because one second is a tolerable amount of time for it to take to open your database, plus you know that it's going to be that much harder for someone to brute force your password.

On my E6600 overclocked to 3.51ghz I get 3197064 iterations. This value varies by a few tens of thousands, but it's relatively stable. If anyone else feels like contributing their score, feel free. Again, this is not the greatest benchmark out there but what the hell.


Fully [H]
Jun 10, 2005
That's pretty cool!

I can't wait to get my system back online and test this out... Damn slow shipping...