9600XT causing PC to not start at times

Originally posted by nomar
9600's don't need that additional power cable so that won't do it.

I guess the best thing to do is RMA.

Have you tried updating the bios? I think the MSI nforce2 has problems with ATI cards with certain bios updates. Have you tried with a different memory configurations, sticks etc?

Hope that helps

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i just find it easier to have my system specs in my sig when discussing problems..

Also your info is correct regarding Nforce MSI boards and ATI cards , i had one before my Asus and i hated it.
I have a MSI K7N2 Delta, never updated BIOS, and a Radeon 9800 Pro and i have NO problems
Keep in mind that I said this has happened on 2 different systems with the same video card.

Abit AT7-Max2, XP2800, 512mb mushkin pc2700, Enermax 450w


Chaintech Zenith nForce2 400 Ultra, XP2800, 1gig mushkin pc3500, Antec 330w

Same exact problem. So it is the video card and not my mobo BIOS.

I'm just going to RMA it and maybe try to slide an extra hundred past the wife for a 9800pro.

And Kirbster - my remark was because forum rules state that sigs are to be 10 lines or less.
I agree the card is definitely suspect after all above info.
I didnt know about the 10 line thing , will make some adjustments to fix.