80D replacement

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Jan 14, 2004
Over 800 days since 80D entered service.

Rumors say photokina announcement, and current sales ($200 off body only at BH) would seem to indicate same.

Got the GAS itch.... cheap 80D or "new" 90D.

I like my crop sensor for the weight and the "apparent" extra reach for airshow photography, but I understand it's similar to cropping a higher megapixel full frame image.

(current lens kit is pretty small: 18-135 EFS, 24-105L EF, 100-400L Series 1 dustbuster) lenses are all old and used enough the red ring has fallen off the 24-105.

I had a Tokina 11-16 "pro", but it was total shite, so bad I simply gave it away with an old (8 years old at the time) Rebel body I had to someone who was looking for ANY DSLR to get started. A decent ultrawide for the crop sensor is really the only lens I miss at times.

Just ruminating on the hobby and Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I know there's no real answer outside my own head and preferences.



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Sep 24, 2001
The other major option is to move up to the 7D2. However, it's also hard to recommend that as it's also getting a little longer in the tooth (it was announced Sept 2014).

EDIT: The 7D2 option is still quite good though. With the used market, I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to find one well under retail cost.
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