John P. Myers

Dec 10, 2012
Just to give a heads up to your team, SETI.Germany's server was hacked on Saturday and is still down, meaning the Pentathlon site is also down.

The server was hacked and we still do not know exactly when it will be back online. Of course, we do not want to bring it back up just to see it being hacked again during the Pentathlon. Additional security measures are being implemented right now.

I really feel bad to have to say this, but we will have to postpone this year's Pentathlon to make sure that we can provide the usual service (stats, daily bulletin, project announcements) and all teams have the opportunity to sign up. We can not give a new date right now, but we hope that we can run it still in May or early June, as we definitely want to avoid the hot summer months.


We will post a proper announcement as soon as we have a new date. Really sorry for the chaos this year.

Thanks for the update. I will copy it into our challenge thread for the pentathlon