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Aug 4, 2009
So I been rocking a Q6600+HD4890 for a long time, my brother gives me a Twin Frozr 6970. It's a pretty monster card, he paid a lot for it at the time, I think it's heavily factory overclocked too.

Anyways I stick it in my rig as is, one problem it has two 8 pin connectors, I only have one 6 and one 8 coming from my PSU, which is a Antec 650. Should be beefy enough I think.

It's 2 AM, so I cant get an 6 to 8 pin adapter right now, but after a little reading it seems like the 6 pins can work in the 8 pin connectors just fine, the extra 2 pins are just ground. The 6 pin connectors themselves can handle like 252 watts. The extra two pins though may "tell" the video card to use 150 watts though instead of just 75.

A little math also tells me 75W from the PCI slot, 75 watt from the 6 pin, and 150 watt from the 8 pin, that's a hefty 300 watts, should be enough I figure in a pinch.

Anyways I hook everything up, one 6 pin and one 8 pin in the two 8 pin connectors, the card seem too boot fine because it's fans spin up, I can hear windows boot chime, etc. However, I get absolutely no video signal over DVI (my normal connection).

Is it just as simple as the card wont work without detecting two 8 pin connectors (but then why fans spin up?) Is it drivers? I didn't remove my drivers but going from AMD to AMD I dont figure on huge problems there. Maybe the PSU isn't powerful enough?

Could it possibly just be my motherboard is somehow too ancient for this card? I mean it is a Q6600 motherboard. But PCIe 2.0 should be PCIe2.0 right?

Actually do I even have PCI Express 2.0? The manual just describes it as a PCI Express slot X16. Does this matter?

This seems to be my motherboard if it matters http://www.gigabyte.us/products/product-page.aspx?pid=2629#ov
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Dec 25, 2007
I would try getting a power supply with the 2x 8 pins it needs or possibly try some 8pin adapters if you have them handy. I had a similar issue in the past but it never got as far as hearing the windows chime. After I replaced the power supply, it worked proper for me.


Limp Gawd
Dec 9, 2012
Your Power supply is more than enough and the card will work no matter what flavor your PCI is. You need the 8 pin adapter.