5900x Running hot

Nov 25, 2020
I've got a 5900x paired with a 3080. It's being cooled by a Corsair H100i XT iCue RGB Pro. It idles at ~35-40C, with the coolant staying at ~30C. That all seems Fine. When I play Destiny 2 or Star Wars Fallen Order, it gets up into the mid-70s. All that seems normal as well, but then I loaded up CoD: Cold War, and it will run in the 80s with the coolant at 40C. The CPU temp seems concerning to me. I'm not overclocking anything. I have 6 120MM fans (3 in front, one in the back, 2 on the radiator pushing air out the top of case. I'm pretty sure I'm getting good contact with the chip. I have the screws tightened down as far as they'll go by hand. I know these chips run hot, and I'm playing Black Ops at 4K w/ DLSS and everything maxed out, but I thought I would ask here to see if this is expected behavior. The system is otherwise stable. No BSOD, application crashes, freezes, etc. That said, because of the cost of the parts and the lack of general availability, I don't want to fry my system.