5.12 high/tall mITX case?


Limp Gawd
Nov 29, 2011
That’s going to be a tough one. The smallest case I have used is the Corsair Obsidian 250d. 2 slot mITX case but it is around twice the height of the Element Q. But it fits a full size power supply, 4 hard drives (2x 2.5”, 2x 3.5”), a full length 2 slot video card, and even room for a 240mm AIO cooler.

But I guess it depends on your application and where you plan to place it...


Supreme [H]ardness
Jun 7, 2007
Silverstone makes a few mediacenter style cases with ODD bays, although they aren't all easy to build in or designed well for airflow.

Here are some of their desktop cases which have two+ slots and ODD bays, and here are some htpc cases from various manuf who also fit those criteria.

Most of the desktop cases will be about double the height, unfortunately. The HTPC cases will be close to the same height, but maybe deeper, and definitely wider.


Nov 4, 2015
These aren't easy to find anymore, but this is one that I am currently using:
AZZA Z Mini (CSAZ-103)
13.5"x4.4"x17.3" (342mm x 112mm x 440mm HxWxD)

It's a bit short for your needs (almost 1" less than you were looking for), but it can support a dual slot GPU (up to 280mm), 240 AIO (can actually fit a 240 + 120 in it, but they need to be slim due to the cases < 4 1/2" height!), utilizes a full size ATX PSU. It also has room for a laptop sized optical drive as well. It's not to horrible for a 10.1L case, but it's very difficult to find, I was trying to buy a second and couldn't find one. Mostly I'm going to just listen in and see if anyone has any suggestions that are similar. I've been looking for similar style cases, but haven't had great luck so ended up getting a cube style (I've got 2 Silverstone SG13s, one black and one pink).

Found this one: https://www.sliger.com/products/cases/cl520/
8L full size GPU, no room for water, don't know if you care for that or not. They don't include everything and you have to pay extra for accessories (that's a Sliger thing with all of their cases), that said you can chose which accessories you want/need.