4090 Exposed my problems


Oct 25, 2001
As you might know I ordered a Falcon Northwest system and asked for 2x 3080 10GB cards to do 3d rendering in RedShift. Well, I got my 4090 FE upgrade card from Falcon Northwest today. I did a fluid sim render last night and 1hr and 42 min it did 272 of 400 frames. The 4090 did 400 frames in 1hr 16 min.

What pisses me off is i did not know that when running 2x cards nvidia has a problem in the drivers (memory leak if you have anything open other then the 1 program you are working in) that slows shit down by 50% or MORE. So for the last few months i thought i was getting good speeds and i was not. I only found out about this because i was looking into the 4090. I am shocked at the speed of this card. Its fucking nuts I mean the speed of this thing is crazy.

When I find my anti static bags i am selling the cards.
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