40" Samsung NU 7100

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    Oct 10, 2018
    I plan to buy cheap 4K TV to use as monitor.I read almost all reviews on Rtings and checked all the prices of all monitors avaliable in my area and I decided to get 40" Samsung NU 7100,to be exact,I am from Europe and the precise name is UE40NU7192.

    My problem,my fear and the reason I make this thread is the whole panel lottery thing.On Rtings and also in one thread on this forum I read that previous year kind of similiar class TV,the 43" MU 6300 had IPS panel while bigger versions like 55" had VA pannel.

    Not only that,I read that Samsung sometimes uses VA pannels of different manufacturers like AUO and some other smaller weird brands I dont know very well.If I got same performance as Rtings measured on their 55" NU 7100 ,just in smaller 40" size,then I will be happy,but if they put some inferior pannel into the small 40" version then I want to know about it before spend my money.

    I actually wont be turned off if its IPS/PLS as long as its good quality,I just want to know what I am getting.I fear they might be putting some shitty RGBW IPS into it from some small obscure panel manufacter,I also dont like AUO VA pannels.As long as its Samsung own VA or PLS I will be happy... any fellow European with this monitor?
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