4.0 (4.1) set up


Dec 17, 2013
Hi Guys, Iam thinking to buy SoundBlaster Z, I use onboard realtek ALC889 currently with 2.1 speakers (Creative Gigaworks T3) and some (active) Genius as rear, I can set up 4.0 in realtek manager but I dont think its possible with soundblaster. The question is, If I use 5.1 setting for SB, will card send some bass to front speakers so gigaworks subwoofer can "play them" or SB will send all bass to connector for subwoofer and nothing to front speakers?

Hope you know what I mean :), thank you in advance
With the SoundBlaster card, you should be able to select 'quadraphonic' from the Windows speaker settings. During that process you should be able to select the range of your front and surround speakers. If you set to 5.1, you're going to miss out on some audio, so setting to quadraphonic would be optimal.