3570 or 3570k?


Jun 18, 2008
Upgrading my pc, moving my cpu and ram to my son's pc. The K cpu is only $15 more. I don't resell anything, I just "hand me down" to somebody. I do like that the 3570k has a better a better IGP, don't know if it will ever be used eventually but you never know. My questions are:

1. Is there any temp difference at stock between the two? I will be using Xigmatek Loki cooler.

2. I have never really overclocked a cpu for regular use. If I went for a 4.0 or 4.2 overclock is it simply a matter of upping the multiplier for such a moderate overclock and keep everything else at their defaults?
1. no difference

2. most likely just up the multiplier or maybe a slight bump in voltage but nothing to sweat over.

Go for the K
I will be using 4x4gb RAM but with a mild overclock I don't think that should matter?
Unless you have a pressing need for VT-D, go with the K. If you don't know what VT-D is, chances are you don't need it.

The 3570k will most likely be able to overclock to ~4.4 ghz on stock voltages. When you increase voltages is when temps start to really jump up.
Thank you for the responses and no I don't need VT-D, this is pretty much a gaming pc. So if I get the K I won't have to change any settings at all other than the multiplier to get safely 4.0 or 4.2 most likely?
I would give it a 90% chance that you would have no problem getting 4.2 just doing that.
Good choice :)

1. If you ever resell it, your resale value and potential market will be much bigger.
2. If you ever need to use the IGP for whatever reason, it's much better on the "K" version.
3. You'll want to overclock your processor at some point. Almost everyone wants to at some point another.
As mentioned, with the better IGP and overclocking potential I started saying to myself "it's only $15 more, just get it" especially since I hope this system will last me four years (with a gpu upgrade in another year or two). That's also why I ordered 16gb of RAM (longevity of the system) because who knows what games will need in three years or so especially since RAM is pretty cheap now.

I am pretty excited about getting it, hopefully it will be here on Tuesday or Wednesday.