32" G7 to a 27" IPS or?


Limp Gawd
Mar 11, 2016
Currently rocking a 32" Odyssey G7. Very fast and responsive monitor, I really love it. I mostly play PUBG, but when I enable VRR, it feels less responsive input wise and I experience tons of overshoot when looting inside buildings. So I disable VRR, and it feels great to use.

However, I feel 32" maybe a tad large for 1440p and contemplating to move to a 27" gaming screen. I have been eyeing the Gigabyte FI27Q-X, or the AW2721D, both of which rock a 240Hz IPS panels.

Purely for a competative gaming point, would people reccommend to move to a 27" screen? Does anyone have experience with the FI27Q-X compared to the Odyssey G7? Would it be a downgrade, the FI27Q-X looks to be extremly fast aswell as the G7 from reviewers. I don't want to comprise speed, because the G7 does indeed feel extremely responsive for past pace action, but feel i may have better experience from the higher ppi of a 27" screen. Not sure on this one though.

Thoughts anyone?


Apr 13, 2005
That monitor should be fast - the problem may lie in the GPU. If it's struggling with the resolution, screen size is not likely to be the issue. Ghosting and overshoot may also be tied to the VA panel tech

"Out of the three most common types of LCD monitor panels, ghosting is most noticeable on VA panels since they have the slowest response time. At the moment only the most expensive VA monitors (usually gaming ones) don’t show noticeable ghosting artifacts". https://levvvel.com/monitor-ghosting-fix/

Whether 32 is too large for 1440p is a totally different issue and highly subjective - you are getting roughly the same dpi as a 1080p at 24. Some competitive gamers feel like that's a good dpi - because they're looking frames only. I'm personally looking for 4k in this form factor - but the fast IPS panels are going to be hideously expensive.