27" 1440p Monitor, JDS Labs Objective 2 Amplifier & Astro Mix Amp

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Jan 9, 2010
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I live in Canada, prices are in US $, I accept Paypal, I ship to the States, and the prices include shipping, insurance & Pay Pal fees. Heatware. No trades. All items work perfectly and are in excellent condition. ICC profiles will be provided via PM.

ICC profiles for all monitors will be linked to via PM and all monitors are LED PWM Dimming or Flicker Free (read about the side effects). The overclock-able Qnix & X-Star use panels with <150hz PWM now.

Qnix QX2710: 550$

My legendary GLOW (example), LED PWM Dimming/Flicker and bleed free semi-glossy or nearly grain free matte coated Qnix (Samsung LTM270DL06 PLS panel) is neglected (I almost never use it for non-text related use) and needs a new home. It has a custom painted matte grey bezel. Before & After Bezel Picture (the bezel in this picture is from my Crossover, but it uses the same glossy black bezel). It overclocks to 96hz with minimal colour dis-uniformity and is also pixel perfect. ICC profiles for multiple refresh rates will be provided via PM.

Crossover 2720MDP: 350$

One year old glossy 27" 1440p S-IPS panel which is pixel perfect and bleed free, and it has a rugged, custom painted, dark matte bronze bezel which vastly increases the perceived black depth. It has proper brightness controls, excellent colours, fast pixel response times, multiple inputs and a frame of input lag. Photo Gallery #1 & 2 (all of the pictures by NCX/me in this page are of the 2720MDP; keep scrolling down).

Wasabi Mango QHD277 Universal: 350$

This is a pixel perfect and light bleed free multi-input 1440p AH-IPS panel with Plasma Deposition Coating and is pretty much the same as the 2755AMG I reviewed, but has higher input lag (31ms) and lacks proper brightness controls, but its native brightness is only 190cdm/2. It has near perfect colour presets just like the 2755AMG and was purchased in May 2015. Photo Gallery (all of the pictures by NCX/me in this page are of the QHD277; keep scrolling down).

Crossover 27QW HDMI: 350$

This Crossover has only been used for a few hours, uses Plasma Deposition Coating and is pretty much the same as the fantastic Crossover 2755AMG I reviewed, but has no input lag and does not have proper brightness controls since lowering the brightness raises the gamma and reduces the contrast. It's brightness is stuck at 350cdm/2, but it does not suffer from obvious back-light bleed or pixel issues. It's perfectly suitable for bright rooms and glossy monitor enthusiasts since Plasma Deposition Coating is the least reflective, but also clearest and most vibrant coating. The monitor must be opened to remove the stand; I can remove the stand before it is shipped.

JDS Labs Objective 2 Amplifier: 170$

Photo 1 & Photo 2

One month old JDS Labs Objective 2 amplifier with all of the upgrade options which I no longer need since I bought a Gustard H10. It has the rear power jack, rear RCA inputs, front 1/4 6.35mm headphone input and The Deep In The Sky is engraved on the front top right.

New AKG K712 Pro: 280$

Brand new and sealed AKG K712 which I received via warranty replacement. I bought Beyerdynamic T90's which I prefer during the time period my first K712's were gone. Picture.

Astro Mix Amp 80$

Photo 1 & Photo 2

Used Astro MixAmp from 2013 which only has around a year of use. It comes with the included USB, optical and microphone cable.
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