2400+ @ 266 FSB OC Help


Aug 3, 2003
Originally posted by o0moonman0o
k7n2 series DO NOT unlock ur cpu. u'll need to do the wire trick in the socket to unlock it.

also the msi nforce2 boards are very picky on ram.
BULLSHIT!! I have the Original K7N2 with the 3.9 Bios and it unlocks my Barton 2800+.(Also had the 2400+ with it for a while, unlocked.)I have had this board since it came out. You sir a very mistaken.:mad:

I have had: 1GB of PC2700 Samsung, 1 GB of HyperX@PC3200, and now have Mushkin Level 1 PC3500. Where in the hell do you get your info?

Only problem with the board is the CPU voltage only goes to 1.8v and because it was made prior to 400mhz FSB, it only goes up to 200mhz. Thats only on the Original K7N2, not delta, not 400Mhz bus. The Delta can do well over that.