2007WFP revision changes?


May 18, 2007
Hey guys,

So I have my dual 2007WFP monitors next to each other and this has been annoying me for a bit:

My rev A04 2007wfp has clearly better looking whites. The rev A02 one has a slight red hue to the white color when all the settings are on defaults for both of them (including the service menu). Speaking of the service menu, the firmwares appear to be different and so the color offsets are slightly different. I would never have noticed this in the first place if I didn't put a white browser screen split between the two on a dual desktop set up. I noticed instantly the slight color changes. Both are S-IPS panels btw, and the rev A04 has amazing image quality.

Anyone know if there is something I can do to change the actual firmware of the rev A02 and improve color quality or if this was just a revision / change Dell did to the actual panel that makes it impossible to change?